Water Based Universal Primer

Khodal Water based Universal Primer is a premium quality water based primer designed to be applied on Masonry, Metal and Wooden surfaces. It is eco-friendly, fast drying, low odour and demonstrates excellent adhesion on galvanized, aluminum and aged alkyd coatings. Can be top-coated with Water Based or Solvent Based Enamels.

Intended Uses:

Masonry, primed plaster, concrete, concrete blocks, brickwork, cement render, ceilings, gypsum,wood , metal surfaces etc.

Product Information:

Colour Range : White ( Self Standard )
Finish : Smooth & Flat
Volume Solids : 36 ± 2 % ( Typical White )
Sp. Gravity. Kg./Ltr: 1.44 + 0.05
Theoretical covering: Approx. 240~ 260 Sq.Ft/ Lit/ coat. Practical coverage may vary depending on surface profile, method of application and losses and substrate type
Recommended DFT per coat: 15-20 Microns, Higher film thickness will deliver enhanced aesthetics
Drying Time
(at 25 + 2° C &RH 60 + 5%) :
  • Surface Dry : 1 Hour maximum
  • Recoat :4-6 hours

Cooler temperatures, higher film thickness or higher humidity conditions will require longer drying time

Toxicity: Dry Film is non-toxic and lead free
Flash Point : Not applicable
Packs available: 20 L,10L, 4 L, 1L & 500 ml

Surface Preparation:


Scrape and remove all loose/flaking rust. Wipe surface clean prior to application of the first coat of the Primer


All new surfaces must be cured according to supplier’s recommendations – usually for about 30 days. For old previously painted Surfaces, scrape and sand old or checked paint to a smooth/dull surface using 180 # emery paper. Remove all sanding dust prior to application of the Primer.


Sand any exposed wood to a fresh surface. Patch all holes and imperfections with a wood filler or putty and sand smooth prior to application of the primer.

Application Method:

Application Method : Brush/Roller/Spray Use a Nylon/Polyester Brush. Use a quality ¼ - ¾ nap cover
Thinning Recommended : 50-70 % by volume depending on surface, if required
Thinner/Cleaner : Clean Water
Recoating time between coats : 4-6 hours


The information and recommendations set forth in this Product Data Sheet are based upon tests conducted by or on behalf of Khodal Paints. Such information and recommendations set forth herein are subject to change and pertain to the product Offered at the time of publication. Consult your Khodal representative to obtain the most recent Product Data Sheet.