KP believes in being a technology leader to provide right products and solutions to customer. Hence KP has been making pioneering efforts in establishing new products towards coating requirements and have successfully developed new products as per industrial requirement within shortest time period. Khodal Paints provides a wide range of industrial paints, coatings and protective systems. Topnotch quality, reliability without compromise and perfection at all costs, is the uniform coat worn by all its products. Exhaustive research and development, rigorous inspection, field tests and consistent processes provide a vital edge to its products, making them truly world class.

These systems protect plant, machinery and various structures from Corrosion, Abrasion, Weathering factors, UV Radiations, Chemicals, Coolants, Cutting Oils etc. The system has strong adhesion and bonding with all surfaces and substrates such Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals, Plastics, Concrete, Wood, Glass etc.

Research & Development

Right since its inception, Khodal Paints has been doing sterling work in development of new applications and seeking innovative solutions. It has taken up a number of areas, identified the problems regarding protective coating and evolved the right product that assures appealing, long lasting solutions. Unconventional problem solving endeavors have earned us the admiration of the Industry who come to us for providing tailor-made solutions.

The innovations help Khodal Paints to provide customized solutions with a systems approach towards developing better technology and offer comprehensive answers for specific requirements. The development of new products and methods along with constant product up-gradation helps Khodal Paints remain a step ahead of competition. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure supply of consistent quality products as per specifications. The important activities of R&D are in the areas of development of formulations using alternative Raw Materials and improvement in existing products to suit customer requirements.

Production & Distribution

As Khodal Paints specializes in customized solutions, each order has to be formulated & manufactured. The real test lies in delivering consistent quality in minimum time. Any order that to leave in the confined time limit. The team is committed to reduce it further in the years to come.

We work closely with our customers to ensure ‘just in time’ deliveries as per their production schedules thereby reducing the customers’ inventory costs

Apart from the state-of-the-art equipment, KP has a “system-based” approach, which ensures that each product that is sent to the client is flawless

Technical Service

This forms our inter-face with the client from understanding the requirement to supervising the surface application, KP ensures that not just the product but an entire package of Pre and Post Sales Services is provided. To understand the exact need of the customer and solving their problems in an effective manner. It is the nature of “going that extra mile”, that makes Khodal Paints a pioneer in the protective coating industry.