Rama Heat reflective paint

Single component, acrylic based flexible, waterproofing, micro fibre reinforced, heat reflecting cum temperature reducing coating system

Product Description:

Rama heat reflective paint is a flexible, liquid applied, single component, ultra violet rays and weather resistant, acrylic waterproofing membrane for all types of exposed roof slabs(new and old),terraces(sloped and flat),etc.. Rama heat reflective paint contains Cross-linking polymers, Special Glass Micro fibers, pigments and advanced antifungal additive that provides long lasting tough water proofing membrane. The low thermal conductivity of the membrane serves as insulation medium to resist heat transfer. The long lasting glossy white colors reflect solar radiation that helps heat to back into the atmosphere which keeps the interior of a building cooler. This coating combines the benefits of waterproofing as well as heat reduction in a single product. Thus ensuring value for money for customers. The waterproofing system can be further reinforced using Rama 1 glass fibre mesh.

Intended Uses:

Suitable for all types of :
  • Roof slabs(flat and sloped)
  • RCC/ asbestos/ lime terraced roofs, etc. after suitable surface preparation and repairs
  • Sunshades
  • Suitable for repairing existing bituminous membrane
  • Can be used as exterior coating for PVC water tanks exposed to direct sunlight on roofs. to keep the inside water temperature relatively cooler
  • Extended walls, balconies

Characteristics-Advantages :

  • Cross linking polymer gives excellent weather resistance and enhances service life.
  • High solar reflectance index (SRI) indicates high degree of cooling effect
  • Crack-bridging
  • High resistance to chloride penetration, hence highly suitable for saline environment.
  • Algae and fungi resistant
  • Highly Flexible
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Simple and fast application (even at detailing)
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, corrugated asbestos, asbestos cement sheet and metal decks
  • Ultra violet rays and weather resistant
  • Water based hence eco friendly

Product Information:

Colour Range : White shade (Can be stained with good quality stainer for light shades). Pre-test for over paintability and paint compatibility are recommended.
Storage Conditions/ Shelf-Life : Best before 6 months if stored properly in undamaged and unopened original sealed packaging in dry and cool conditions.
Chemical Base : Acrylic polymer dispersion
Density : 1.00 to 1.10 kg/l at 27º C
Film Thickness : 140 -160 microns (DFT)per coat, minimum three coats recommended for optimum performance) profile, method of application and losses and substrate type
Solid Content : more than 60 % (by weight)
Adhesion Strength on cement after 14 days curing : ≥ 1.5 N/mm2
Tensile Strength : 1.5 MPa
Crack bridging properties : 3.2mm
Water Absorption (% by Mass) : < 10 %
Water Vapour Transmission : 23 g/m²/ 24h (According to ASTM E 96
Resistance to Alkali (10% NaoH after 24hrs) : Satisfactory. No sign of cracking, flaking, blistering or any other failure was observed
Crack resistance : Pass 1/8 inch mandrel
Solar direct reflectance : 79 %
Emissivity : 0.904
elongation at Break (%) : 200%
Algae & Fungal Growth: No growth
Workable time : over night
Over coating time :
  • Rama heat reflective Primer: 2-4 hours at +27º C (depending on humidity and ventilation)
  • Rama heat reflective paint 6 – 8 hrs at +27º C (depending on humidity and ventilation)
Water permeability : Passes (According to IS 2645)

Theoretical coverage (may vary with actual surface condition)

System Type of material Consumption
Primer Consumption Rama heat reflective Primer ~ 0.2 – 0.3 kg/m2 **
First Coat Rama heat reflective paint 0.3 – 0.4 kg/m2
Second Coat Rama heat reflective paint 0.3 – 0.4 kg/m2
Top Coat PU AUTOMOTIVE CLEAR ~ 0.05 – 0.08 kg/m2 **

Application Method:

Consumption / Dosage:
  • Rama heat reflective Primer:0.25-0.38 kg/m2 consumption depending on the substrate Rama heat reflective paint: 0. 75 kg/m2 per coat (2 coats recommended) for
  • PU AUTOMOTIVE CLEAR: 0.05– 0.1 kg/m2 per coat (2 coats recommended)
Substrate Quality : The cementitious substrate should be sound and of sufficient strength. All substrate should be clean and dry, homogeneous, free from oil and grease, dust and loose or friable particles, free from paint, cement laitance, old coatings and any other contaminants. All new cement sand renderings, concrete surfaces should be allowed to age for minimum of 28 days before coating.

Health and Safety Information:

For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety-related data.