Floor Screed 2 mm

Solvent less epoxy self leveling floor toping for heavy industrial use .It has very high mechanical strength.


KemFlor 521 can be applied to provide high strength .It is recommended as a protective coating on floors where both high level of aesthetics and abrasion resistance are required . It is suitable for

  • Food and drink processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic plats
  • Workshop in industries ,machine-shops and warehouses
  • Depots and loading ramps ,hangers ,stairs etc.


Enhances the total system’s finish , easy to apply, solvent-free no fire risk, excellent adhesion to substrate, very high mechanical strength

Primer Application

After ensuring that the surface is free from all adverse factors, apply KemOxy

Concrete Primer a modified two component epoxy resin based primer

Mix the entire content of the base and catalyst thoroughly and apply immediately to the surface by brush or roller. Ensure proper penetration of the coating into the substrate. If the surface is porous; apply a second coat of KemOxy Concrete Primer. Apply KemFlor 521 on the primed surface while it is still tacky.

Kemflor Application

Add the components in the particular ratio , under continuous stirring by a very slow speed electric stirrer , till the mixture is homogeneous. DO NOT MIX BY HAND. Remove all material from each can. Scrape the sides of the container several times to ensure complete mixing. Be careful to not introduce any air bubbles while mixing

Since the mix ratio is critical to the performance of the flooring system, Quantity to be mixed should be calculated beforehand based on the area to be covered and coating thickness desired. Actual coverage will depend on texture, porosity, ,slope of the substrate.

Pour the mixed KemFlor 521 onto the surface as soon as possible (See pot life) and spread using a notched trowel. Immediately after the trowel application, a spiked roller should be used to ensure a level homogeneous surface free of voids and surface imperfections.

Do not overwork the material. Apply slowly to minimize bubbling. If bubbles appear, use a porcupine roller to produce a bubble free film.


For cleaning of application equipment and tools use Chembond’s thinner no.3.

Technical Data

Mixing Ratio: Mixing Ratio:
Consumption/SQMT/2MM 3.96KG
Minimum thickness 2MM
Drying time After 8 hours , Top coat can be applied

Safety Precautions

Take care to avoid skin or eye contact and breathing vapours. In the event of the skin contact immediately wash thoroughly. In the event of eye contact, wash continuously for 15 minutes in water and seek medical advice. Wear protective clothing, gloves, and safety glasses while using this product. If inhalation occurs, move to fresh air and seek medical advice in case of difficulty in breathing. Keep material away from heat, flames, and sources of ignition. For further details read Material Safety Data Sheet.

Directions For Use

Epoxy Amine reaction is temperature dependent , At lower temperature Drying & curing will get affected & will become slower, at higher temperatures it bound to give lower working time & pot life as well as faster drying Do Not Apply in area where DEW may get deposited in night or in very high humidity as it may give film defects