Epoxy Penetrating Primer

Two component air drying Epoxy based clear primer with Polyamide as curing agent.

Physical Data

Color: Clear
Finish: Smooth & Glossy
Solids by volume: 50 + 3%
Theoretical spreading rate: 20 sq. mt./ltr. at a recommended DFT of 25 µ
Flash point: Base : Above 23° C Hardener : Above 23° C
Drying characteristics
(At 65% relative humidity & at 30° C) :
  • Surface Dry :45 – 60 minutes
  • Hard Dry : Overnight
  • Full Cure : 7 Days
Shell life:
  • Base : 6 months
  • Hardener : 6 months

Surface Preparation

Thorough surface preparation is vital for best results. KP recommends mechanical preparation techniques (Eg. Mechanical scarifying, grit or sand sweeping).

New Concrete Surface:

New Concrete surface should be least 28 days old and/or have moisture content of less than 5% before proceeding with primer application. Laitance and deposits on new concrete are best removed by light grit blasting, mechanical scarification or grinding. Acid etching may be considered for smaller areas, after etching the floor it should be thoroughly washed with clean water and then allowed to dry

Old Concrete Floors:

Mechanical cleaning methods are strongly recommended on old concrete surfaces, particularly their heavy contamination by oil and grease has occurred or old coatings is present. To ensure good adhesion, all contaminants are removed and the surface thoroughly cleaned of all dust and loose debris. A thorough detergent wash is also recommended followed by thorough cleaning with water and moping it off to dry state.

Application Data

Mixing Ratio : Base : Hardener – (As per our recommendations)
Application : By Brush / By Conventional Spray / By Airless Spray
Thinner : Type 002
Pot life : 6 hours min at 30° C
Recommended Dft : 25 - 30 microns. Apply sufficiently to fill the pores and form a thin layer
Overcoating Interval:
  • Min. : 8 hours
  • Max. : 24 hours
Compatibility: Compatible with Epoxy, PU and Chlorinated Rubber finished paints

Application Method

Stir the base part thoroughly. Mix the base and hardener as per our recommended ratio by volume. Stir the mix gently to attain homogeneity. Add thinner type 002 into the mix, if required depending on the application method and then stir gently for few minutes. Allow the mixture to stand still (maturation) for about 10-15 minutes to initiate the reaction. Strain the paint through Nylon filter cloth of 200 mesh size and apply uniformly over the surface. All equipment used for above should be properly clean.

Application : By Brush / By Conventional Spray / By Airless Spray

For Brush application, generally no thinner is required to be added. Apply uniformly in criss-cross manner and ensure there are no misses. Use quality brushes for paint application.

For Conventional Spray application:
  • Thinner : Type 002
  • Addition : 10-15%
  • Nozzle Orifice : 1.2 – 1.4mm
  • Nozzle Pressure: 40 – 70 p.s.i.
For Airless Spray application :
  • Thinner : Type 002
  • Addition : Max 5% if required
  • Nozzle Orifice : 0.28mm – 0.38mm
  • Nozzle Pressure : 1400 -1800 p.s.i.


  1. Do not apply paint when temperature falls below 10° C or rises above 50° C and when Relative Humidity is above 85%. Do not apply during rain, fog or mist. Surface temperature must always be minimum of 3° C above Dew point
  2. Brushes and spray equipment should be cleaned with KP’s recommended thinner otherwise equipment is liable to be damaged.
  3. DFT variation can be obtained by change in application method / thinning ratio. Contact Khodal Paints representatives for further assistance
  4. Shelf life indicated is minimum for this Product in sealed conditions and it is subject to re-inspection thereafter. Individual component is required to be stored in cool, dry and covered condition away from heat and ignition.

Health & Safety

This is a solvent based paint and care should be taken to avoid inhalation of spray or eyes. Mist or vapours as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin.

Limitation of Liability

To the best of our knowledge the technical data in our literature are true and accurate at the date of issuance but are subject to change without prior notice. We guarantee our product to confirm to the specifications contained herein. We make no other warranty or guarantee of any kind, express or implied, including merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. Liability, if any is limited to replacement of the product or refund of the purchased price. Labour or cost of labour and other consequential damages are hereby excluded.