Concrete Primer

Khodal Concrete Primer is a modified two-component solvent-less epoxy resin based primer. The system comprises of an epoxy resin in combination with suitable catalyst. Application of this combined system on the concrete surface provides an excellent adhesion to super-lying structure

Intended Uses:

Khodal Concrete primer is use for flooring, painting on concrete structure and can be recoated with topcoat by using epoxy, polyurethane, chlorinated rubber paints.

Product Information:

Shade : Clear
Volume solids : 99 %
Recommended dft : 100-150 microns
Mixing ratio : 2:1/ volume
Pot life : 20 to 45 min depending on temperature
Theoretical covering : 6.6 to 9.9 m/ litre
Shell life : at least one year when kept packed in standard warehouse condition

Surface Preparation :

Surface should be cleaned and free from oil, grease, and latencies. It should be cleaned with high-pressure jet cleaning with water. Surface should be dried thoroughly before application

Application Method :

Application can be done by brush or Airless spray depends on requirement at recommended dry film thickness of 100 – 150 microns brush application is preferred over spray for better penetration for primer application. The coating is solvent free and therefore no thinner is recommended.

Pot life :

Pot LifeMaterial mixed should be utilised in 30 min.